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From media and retail giants to banks, football clubs and ethnic communities, many can benefit from a MVNO service. You could be very clear about why you want to enter the MVNO world, but where to start with practical aspects, technology, infrastructure, product offering and building a service, could be a daunting task.

Identify your Organization’s Strengths
To create a compelling offer you need to make careful decisions about a host of factors. We offer practical solutions based on our years of experience with operators around the world.

Will you offer a prepaid or contract service? Focus on voice and SMS only, or include Data or deliver enhanced services? Who are the target consumers or business audience?

Can you offer special deals on specific services, such as international calls? Do you have a loyalty program to integrate? Will you bundle content, or charge each time?

Do you run a strong website or print a catalogue? Can your organization access radio or TV airtime? Or do you have an established voice within a community?

Do you have a chain of stores in place? Are there any restrictions in using the stores, How can you avoid being a “me too” product? Can you partner with someone who does? Or will you focus on the internet as a provisioning and service channel?

Payment & Customer Care
Do you already have a billing relationship with customers? Can they contact you for help? What’s your best channel for delivering credit top-ups? How does the billing integration work to your benefit?

Did you plan for insights into business once it is launched? How do you plan on increasing sales and retain customers? How is the competitive landscape and how do you stay ahead?

It’s true that no two businesses are quite the same, but similarities exist within sectors. Your organization has some inherent advantages through its core operations, InnovationsIQ will help you answer all the questions above to define the best service for you and your customers.

iIQ offers subject matter experts in full suite of MVNE Managed Services and Cloud services for MVNOs of all sizes and business models. Our consultants, IT teams and account management teams are seasoned professionals with both an in-depth subject matter expertise and a wide breadth of experience across multiple disciplines. Our MVNE Managed Services team provides MVNOs access to experts while offloading cumbersome back office tasks.

If you are interested in learning more, please complete the contact form and one of our consultants will get back to you right away.