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InnovationsIQ is a boutique recruiting, placement and one of the fastest growing end-to-end information technology services firms. Unlike the other recruiting agencies, our primary goal is to fill the gap between traditional consulting/recruiting processes and client expectations. We take personal pride in connecting talented consultants to custom-fit growth opportunities with a dedicated one-on-one service. In short, we create personnel connections personally.

Anisha Vinjamuri

As a motivator, enabler and a driving force behind InnovationsIQ, Anisha’s biggest passion is to make marked difference in people’s lives. Apart from being InnovationsIQ’s chief strategist, what drives Anisha is her desire to achieve a high-level of client confidence and employee trust. Anisha built iIQ on a solid foundation of her years working on technology teams at Microsoft as well as her accomplished educational background by achieving not just one, but two Masters degrees in the field of Commerce and Foreign Trade at a young age of 22. Under her strategic direction and leadership, Anisha helped InnovationsIQ achieve over 200% growth consistently year-over-year for the last five years.

Passionate about helping more girls and young women explore technology careers, Anisha strives to address the lack of diversity in technology and low numbers of women in Computer Science education programs through partnering with northwest women-centric networking groups often sponsoring educational workshops and career development opportunities.

Ravi Dasika
Head, Operations

With over 15 years of success in high-profile technology and wireless companies, including T-Mobile and Mobile Virtual Network Operations (MVNO), Ravi has managed product delivery for multimillion dollar portfolios spanning across multiple brands and has built exceptional product management teams that generated significant product/service revenues per employee.

After obtaining his bachelors degree in engineering, Ravi earned his MBA from the Foster School of Business. With an in-depth business knowledge coupled with industry experience in cutting-edge technologies and a natural flair for finance, Ravi is an integral part of InnovationsIQ’s backbone.

Director, Operations

As our Director of Operations, Usha brings years of professional business operations to iIQ. The ultimate problem-solver, Usha always seems to find a better way to do something and her tenacity is enviable.  But we at iIQ love Usha for her energy and her genuine ability to engage not only our customers, but our team as well.  A frequent world-traveler, she always has a good story or adventure to share.

Digital & Social Media Program Manager, Talent Acquistion

Maureen (Mo) brings to iIQ several talents which allow her to wear many hats at iIQ. But what really drives Mo is her genuine love of people. She is skilled at engaging with our consultants and clients, not only professionally, but on a personal level as well. Establishing this rapport is key to managing iIQ’s business relationships with the care and respect our clients expect. On top of bringing in talented consultants, Mo can be found networking in the tech community through meetup groups and online social media platforms like Twitter.

Dedicated Teams
Talent Sourcing

In today’s competitive Seattle tech market, sourcing not only qualified, but superior consultants for our clients is a challenge iIQ excels at through partnering with local, nationwide and offshore recruiting/sourcing companies to locate talent to create the perfect team for your organization or project.